October 29, 2013

Catching A Web for Halloween

Catching a spider's web is a fun activity to do during the week of Halloween.  Our son's 5th grade teacher taught his class how to do this and it has been a big hit.  Here's how:

You'll need:

A nice web that's easy to reach
Card stock or white poster board the size of the web
black spray paint (or any color you wish)
clear spray paint 

If there is a spider currently occupying the web, gently shoo him away with a small stick. No harm should be done to the spider. I still have mixed feelings about this, but they rebuild those webs very quickly! :)

Once the spider is gone, spray the entire web with your colored spray paint. And of course, if the web is attached to a building of structure of any kind, use caution as to not get the spray paint on anything except the web.

Now that the web is painted, hold your card stock or poster board BEHIND the web with one hand, while holding the CLEAR spray paint in the other hand.

Next comes the trickiest part, but it's really not too tricky.  You'll want to slowly and gently pull the paper TOWARDS you while spraying a light coating of the clear paint at the same time.  The movement will "capture" the web onto the paper, and the clear spray will serve as "glue" to keep it there!  :)

Once you've captured your web, it'll need to sit in a flat location for a few minutes to dry.

Once ours were dry, we matted them by using other pieces of colored card stock as shown above.

Hope you're able to enjoy this activity with someone this week.  It's fun for all ages!