November 7, 2013

A Halloween Recap

Well, all of the Halloween decorations are packed away, and the Thanksgiving turkeys are now strutting all over the house.  I love Thanksgiving and all that it embodies and look forward to this special holiday, but I didn't want any more time to pass before sharing a few of our Halloween photos.  

Getting ready for the ghosts and goblins 

One of the tables in the foyer

That Scentsy warmer is my absolute favorite of the entire line.  The core of it is solid white so it coordinates with EVERY room I put it in, and the outer band or "wrap" is interchangeable.  

 After these photos were taken, I changed the outer wrap to a Halloween theme:

And speaking of foyers, just LOOK at my friend Elizabeth's fabulous foyer!  Doesn't it look like a magazine photo?!  Her neighbors bring their children to her foyer each year to take their "official" costume photos, and I can certainly see why!  True story.  :)

Our vintage (industrial) dish rack that I now use as a French Memo Board in the dining room. I enjoy changing it out for each season. In our house at the beach, this hung in our kitchen and I saw it many more times a day.  I may need to find a spot and move it back to the kitchen in this house so that I see it more often.  Hmmm...

The majority of our Trick-or-Treaters this year were teens. I think it's a sign of the age of our neighborhood as all of the kiddos are growing up! These are two of our cutie-pie neighbors.  I'm so glad teens are still allowed to Trick-or-Treat here.  At the beach, there was a strict "12-years-old" cut off which made me very sad.  Well behaved teens need fun and candy too, LOL!

And then there are the tried-and-true, good, old-fashioned plastic Jack-O-Lanterns.  I don't think I'll ever decorate without them, plastic or not.  We have dozens of them and I like to put mums and candles in them, but not both in the same pumpkin, LOL.   

Do you see that white paper taped to our door?  We were "BOOed" by someone!  :)  Another tradition that I enjoy each year...and another thing that we do in this neighborhood that wasn't done at the beach.  Our kiddos love receiving the BOOs, and I love reciprocating to other neighbors.  Whomever BOOed us this year knew that one kiddo was away at college and left candy for our son.  It was a small highlight to his otherwise boring Halloween.  He had been sick all week, so Halloween was pretty much a wash for him this year.  :(  Does your neighborhood BOO?  If not, please consider starting this wonderful little tradition next year.


Wouldn't it be neat to line an ENTIRE STREET with pumpkin luminaries?!?!?!?!  I think I have a new plan for next year!  :)  Anybody know of stores that have them on clearance at the moment?